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How to Set Up an ip:port:user Proxy on a VPS Using CCProxy

To set up a proxy in the format ip:port:user on a VPS using CCProxy, follow these steps:

  1. Download and Install CCProxy:

    • Download CCProxy from the official website and install it on your VPS.
  2. Start CCProxy:

    • Once the installation is complete, launch CCProxy.
  3. Configure User Accounts:

    • In the main CCProxy window, go to the "Account" tab.
    • Select "Account Manager."
    • In the Account Manager window, click "New" to create a new user account. Enter a username and password for the proxy user. This username and password will be used for proxy authentication.
  4. Set Up IP and Port:

    • In the main CCProxy window, go to the "Options" tab.
    • Here, you can specify the IP address and port number for your proxy server. The default port is usually 8080, but you can choose another port if desired.
  5. Configure Proxy Authentication:

    • In the "Options" tab, navigate to the "Authorization" section.
    • Select "User/Password" under the "Authorization" options. This ensures that the proxy requires a username and password for authentication.
  6. Test the Proxy:

    • Save your settings and restart CCProxy.
    • Test the proxy by configuring a web browser or another application to use the proxy server. Enter the IP address, port number, username, and password to verify the connection.

Example Configuration:

  • IP Address:
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: proxyuser
  • Password: proxypass

Proxy Connection Format:

By following these steps, you can set up a proxy server on your VPS using CCProxy in the ip:port:user format.

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