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What is WHOIS and How Does it Work?
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What is WHOIS and How Does it Work?

WHOIS is a protocol that provides access to a database system storing technical information and contact details of the registrant for a registered domain name. Originating in the early 1970s for ARPANET users, WHOIS expanded its reach as internet usage grew. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), established in 1998, took over the management of the WHOIS protocol, developing policies and standards for its operation​​.

WHOIS includes information such as the domain owner's name, surname, phone number, email address, residential or company address, the creation date of the domain, the update date, and the records of the name server (NS) the domain points to. This data is recorded and updated from the moment the domain is registered. WHOIS protocol connects to a database system, usually provided by the domain registration organization, to access this information​​​​.

How to Perform a WHOIS Lookup?

Performing a WHOIS lookup is straightforward and can be done online. Various web-based WHOIS search tools are available. Users can visit these tools, enter the domain name they wish to look up, and click “Search” to initiate the lookup. WHOIS lookups can also be conducted using the Windows command system or Linux search commands. Additionally, some registration companies offer WHOIS lookup services. It's also possible to conduct WHOIS lookups for IP addresses, revealing the contact information and geographic location of the IP owner​​.

WHOIS Privacy and Information Update

WHOIS data can be hidden for the domain owner's privacy and security. This is achievable through a WHOIS privacy request at the domain's registered place, which may sometimes require an additional fee. WHOIS information can be updated in the panel of the company where the domain is registered. After updating, a verification request sent by ICANN must be responded to​​.

In conclusion, WHOIS is a crucial tool for internet users and law enforcement to obtain information about the owner of a domain. This information plays a key role in enhancing internet security and transparency.

You can also perform a WHOIS lookup using the link WHOIS Lookup.


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